Date posted: 27th July 2017

What are Green Roofs?

What are Green Roofs? “What means Green?” Green Roofs are clear proof that you built a modern house. A lot of people say, that they are not saving as much energy, as was told. Anyway, they have their purpose: they absorb … Continued


Date posted: 18th July 2017

Why should I use fire doors in my home?

In this article, we would like to answer our most commonly asked questions about fire doors. Is it worth to replace regular doors with fire doors when I do any renovations? We can tell that it is. Fire doors are … Continued

Jwolfconstruction safety tips

Date posted: 12th September 2016

Safety Tips for DIY Home Projects

With a constant stream of DIY videos, manuals and tutorials coming off the internet, many have started to take matters into their own hands and began creating and reshaping their homes themselves. We absolutely encourage working on your personal projects, … Continued

renovation mistakes wimbledon

Date posted: 8th June 2016

Common Renovation Mistakes

Many of us have been there – whether renovating a house or a simple flat, renovation takes its toll when not done correctly. For those of you starting to plan a renovation and/or an expansion of your home, Jwolf has … Continued

Date posted: 3rd June 2016

Five home improvement trends for 2016

Every year there are lots of new trends in the home improvement market, and 2016 is no exception. To help you pick out the best ideas, we’ve put together a list of our favourites. Sunrooms Do you have a big garden, … Continued

Date posted: 30th March 2016

What are my extension options?

If you’re looking to extend your property and increase both the value and space, you need to analyse the area surrounding your home. By taking a good look at this, you can evaluate what space you can lose in order … Continued

A new extension to the rear of your property means having to pick new doors. Homeowners want to choose a door that is secure and aesthetically pleasing to complement their new extension and the rest of their home. French Doors … Continued

Once your new extension is built, you need to start thinking about interior decoration and how to make the space fit in with the rest of your home. Amongst colour schemes and furniture, you also need to consider what type … Continued

Date posted: 15th March 2016

Security measures for house extensions

  When you have a new extension added to your home, it’s important to remember security. You should administer the same security measures you have for the rest of your property to your extension, to ensure it is not a … Continued