The way you decorate your home can significantly change the way you feel when in it. Choose the wrong colours, and your home can feel unsettling and even smaller than its physical dimensions.

So that you don’t end up with a home with hues that make you feel uncomfortable, we’ve put together a handy guide that will help you pick the right paint for your abode.

DeathtoStock_SlowDown2Where to start?

The first step you’ll need to take is establishing the main function of the rooms you are decorating. While it may seem obvious that your kitchen is going to be used for cooking, and your bathroom is going to be used for washing, in reality, your kitchen might be a space where you entertain and your bathroom might be where you regularly relax.

You also need to decide what you want your decoration to achieve. Whether you want to make a room appear bigger, cosier, or more modern, working this out before you even begin to decide on paint colours can really help you make the right decisions regarding what you want to achieve.

Next Step: Type of Paint

Before you begin looking at colours, it is worth establishing what type of paint you’ll need to decorate. It is likely that you’ll need to use different types of paint in each room, depending on how the room is used.

Photo by Chris Isherwood/ CC BY
Photo by Chris Isherwood/ CC BY

Matt paint

Matt paint is perfect for use on walls with imperfections, whether they’re accidental ones or design features. Using matt paints means that you can easily do touch ups, which you may find yourself needing to do fairly regularly as matt walls are harder to clean.

Satin paint

This silky appearing paint looks great on woodwork and walls and is easier to clean than matt paint. However, should you find yourself needing to do touch ups, you’re in for a complex task as the change in sheen from retouches can be obvious.

Semi-gloss paint

Semi-gloss paint is the best friend of kitchens and bathrooms. It doesn’t get damaged by humidity so you don’t have to worry about steamy showers and cooking damaging the paint work. It is also easy to clean and can withstand stains, so you don’t have to worry about having trouble removing food and grease marks in your kitchen.

Gloss paint

Gloss paint is best suited to the skirting boards and woodwork within a room because of its durable nature. It’s a paint that is easy to clean, but can be difficult to touch up without making it noticeable.

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Next Step: Choosing Colours

Now that we’ve looked at the type of emulsion you’ll need, we can start to look at the colour options available for your home. While personal taste is one of the most important factors when deciding paint colours, you need to think about more than what colours you like.

roomLocation of room

There can be a dramatic change in the impact of a colour depending on whether the room is south or north facing. Working out which direction your room faces and choosing warmer colours for those with less sunlight can make your room far more welcoming and comfortable.


The mood that you want the room to have can be determined by the colour that you decorate with. Warmer colours can create more sociable atmospheres, whereas cooler shades can make people more relaxed.


Are you planning on replacing your furniture, or do you need your new walls to match the contents of your room? When deciding on paint, it is essential to make sure that it works well with the contents of the room to avoid creating an uncomfortable space because of colour clashing.

colour swatchesColours

There are endless colour options for your home, and hopefully some of our advice above has helped you hone in on the colour that you want on your walls. Once you’ve chosen a colour, it is time to experiment with the different shades available. Pick the wrong shade and you could end up hating the finished room.

If you can, test the shades in the room using tester pots. Usually you can tell whether you like a colour and whether it will suit the room by painting a square meter. Paint squares using different paints and leave for a day so that you can view them in morning, day, and evening light.

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